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Web Based Applications have many advantages over traditional Desktop Applications. First, you (and others) can access them anywhere there is internet. Second, upgrading is done on the servers so there is no complicated, time-consuming uninstallation, reinstallation, and setup period. Lastly, you can design the program to do whatever you want - in your head - and we build, maintain, and host it for you.

The Cost
Building your own custom web application can seem costly at first. However, we find that once you factor in Desktop applications per user licensing prices, per version upgrades, tech and upgrade support, and fast PC's to run it on - it evens out. In fact, you can end up saving a great deal of money in the long run.

The Advantage
Many times a Desktop Application is chock-full of hundreds of things you don't use, and missing several things you would really like. With your own web application, you don't need to have all the things you don't use, and we can build those little features you've always wanted. Features that can give you an advantage over your competitors that are still using traditional Desktop Applications.

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