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All Inclusive Managed Business Service
Imagine having all technical and creative aspects of running a business taken care of, for a set monthly price. Sound good? You bet it does, that's why we offer it. Read on and find out what we roll into a managed service, tailored just for your business.

One of the most compelling factors of these accounts is that all projects and services are seen as "pre-paid" even though they may not actually be. To you, this means all tasks and projects are expedited, and they start without delay.

We also limit your risk by allowing renegotiation every 6 or 12 months. If you think we are not working hard enough or we find that you are increasing throughput, we both have the ability to adjust.
  • Unlimited Business Phone / Email / Remote Technical Support
    We'll provide near-instant support for any computer issue during the course of a business day. Have a computer problem or question? Click or call, and we are there, logged in to your computer and helping you get back on track. No per minute or hourly costs, it's covered.

  • Unlimited Business Consulting
    Need something researched? Need to discuss the pros and cons of a new marketing technique to see if it's right for you? Hate the cost of even finding out if something is a right fit for you and your business? Say no more - we are here to help make sense of the possibilities.

  • Website & Application Hosting
    Unlimited resources to grow your business - simply there.

  • Monthly PC Maintenance
    We log into your PC's after business hours and give it a monthly checkup. We verify that everything is running fine and look for abnormalities, signs of Malware, and possible heads-up to issues in various system logs.

  • Data Resiliency
    Now you no longer have to worry if the data you can't live without will go missing in extreme events. We create the most efficient backup plan for your network or PC's and backup each PC's important data off-site in another city, state, or country.

  • Antivirus and Business Encryption
    As part of our commitment to keeping your business compliant and secure, we include mainstream Antivirus and storage encryption with all covered PCs. You no longer have to worry about when and how to renew all your computer's security software, we do it for you. Furthermore, we periodically evaluate the performance of the Software and change vendors if deemed appropriate.

  • PC Hardware Insurance
    We'll warranty all of your PC's hardware (excluding motherboard and monitor). If anything goes wrong (hard disk crash, NIC failure, etc) we'll fix it, at no cost to you.

  • Remote Access Upon Request
    Sometimes you need to access your computers when not at the office. Upon request we can issue you your own Remote access account on a per-employee per-PC basis.

  • Unlimited Website/Application Development
    All work on your website and web system is accomplished on an ongoing basis. We work to improve your system in ways that affect your bottom line, by either increasing sales, or decreasing your work. Whether you want to redesign your website or add new features, cost is no longer an issue.

  • Unlimited Graphic Design for Print and Web
    Send nationwide mailouts all you want now that all of the design costs are covered. Brochures, postcards, email promotions, anything... let your business reign in with more exposure without worrying about the cost of getting the project off the ground and into your printer's hands.

  • PCI Compliant Wireless Business Router
    PCI compliance requires your network router to have some type of IDS. These are usually higher end and more expensive routers. Now, you'll have one.

  • Local Network Attached Storage (NAS) with RAID
    We provide you with a few hundred gigabytes of mirrored network storage as part of our total protection plan made specifically for your company.

The First Step
After we come to a monthly price and a plan for your company, there is a one time per-company setup fee. We then setup your new Router and NAS, and implement your data resiliency plan. Once all this is in place, we get to work on making your life easier, by eliminating everything you didn't get into business to do.

  • Data Resiliency
  • Get Help, Fast
  • Eliminate Tech Headaches
  • Do More For Less
  • Business Protection
  • Reduce Startup Times
  • Wear Less Hats
  • Breath Easier

   Now, Forget About...
  • Is Your Data At Risk?
  • Are Your Computers Infected?
  • Can You Afford New Site Features?
  • How in the heck does this work?
  • What's that noise in my PC?
  • When do I renew my protection?

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