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Business owners typically wear many hats, sometimes too many. We know how much there is to do every single business day on the many fronts which a company, be it big or small, has to contend with. Many businesses cannot afford to hire a specialist for everything that needs to be done. At Gish Network, we have amassed a huge array of knowledge and experience that can be called upon to tackle many of these things with any level of attention.

The Service
We don't claim to be specialists in all fields, mind you, but we are accustomed to wearing many hats. However if the hat does not fit, we have consultants around the globe that can be called upon. What sets us apart? We can be available for any size project. Whether you need a 20 minute phone conversation with inkjet printer advice, continuous advertising support, or onsite product photography that does not break the bank, we're there for you and your needs.

Highlighted Services
  • Total Managed Business Service (get whole story)
    Don't you wish you could simply forget about all the things you didn't get into business to do? Turn all that over to us, and you can get back to what you do best.

  • Remote IT Services Connection (details)
    RISC is a secure connection from our computer to yours. We have many services that flow over this connection, here are a few: Guardian is a weekly or monthly subscription where we log into your computer(s) during your business' off hours and give it a very thorough checkup. Our checkup is a combination of software tools, and a real live person looking for suspicious changes and additions to your PC that may have occurred without your knowledge. Backup is also possible over this secure connection. If you currently backup to a disk, and leave that disk in event of a fire, you'll lose everything. We assure your backups are functional, and we copy them over to our network for redundant storage. Tech Support is a common need in a business that uses computers and is billed per minute, but extremely affordable. For example, if you or one of your employees has an issue with a program or the computer, we can log in and give a live tutorial, literally showing them how to solve their problem.

  • Product Photography
    The most important part of any business selling a tangible item are the images. Unless the person is in front of the actual item, you must do everything in your power to show them an attractive, clear, and descriptive image. A professional photographer can be very expensive - to the tune of $400/hour and up. At Gish Network, we offer borderline professional photography for one tenth the cost of a pro. Need a Pro? We have those too! Most of the time, especially with small businesses, a company cannot afford to pay a professional's rate. We've become pretty good at product photography and yet don't do it for a living - we see it as part of getting business done, and charge very reasonable rates to do so.

  • Product Selection
    Your business needs a product - a printer perhaps, but what printer? Some are cheap, some are expensive. What are the hidden costs of each type (solid ink laser, inkjet, laser, etc)? Do I need built-in duplexing and networking? What about multiple paper trays? It all sounds nice, but is it really, and do I need everything? We will ask you many questions about your business to determine the best product for your needs, whether it be a printer, PC, camera, or anything else in a time of purchase. Looking for a printer?

  • Document Disintegration
    Every year we take on new documents to store as per legal requirements. However that usually means we are then able to rid ourselves of the previous oldest documents in storage. Shredding boxes and boxes full of sensitive paper can be a strain on a small business since most prosumer shredders, even the higher end ones can only shred continuously for a couple minutes. Enter the solutions. You can hire a company to drive a big truck to you location and shred everything onsite. It is very secure, but also expensive, and usually for large volume big businesses. You can take your old documents to a shredding service, it is inexpensive, however comes with some caveats. Gish Network, building on it's existing trust network offers secure document disintegration. We have an industrial disintegrator that can disintegrate documents to DOD level security. Now, you may not have the need to disintegration, maybe merely shredding, but consider this: In the time between you handing the box to the retail worker, and the time it actually gets shredded, there is time for mischief. So, in the end, you need to take these to a trusted partner.

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Document Disintegration
  • DVD and Video Digitizing
  • Full Graphic Art Services
  • Product Photography
  • Remote Tech Support
  • Remote Admin
  • Small Network Design

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